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December, 2015

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BibleShow40en.exe 7.00 MB
4.0.1 The software contains just KJV bible module and 30 predefined themes.

  File Details Language Description
ASV.exe 2.12 MB
English ASV - American Standard Version. The Revised Version, Standard American Edition of the Bible, more commonly known as the American Standard Version, is a version of the Bible that was released in 1901.
ESV.exe 2.20 MB
English ESV - English Standard Version. This is an English translation of the Christian Bible published by Crossway Bibles in 2001. It is a revision of the 1971 edition of the Revised Standard Version. The translators' stated purpose was to follow an "essentially literal" translation philosophy.
KJV.exe 2.20 MB
English KJV (King James Version) is an English Bible translation supported by king James I and published in 1611 by Church of England. It is also known as Authorized Version and still used in public services by a large number of English speaking communities.
RV60.exe 2.08 MB
Spanish RV60 - Reina-Valera Version (1960). This is the Spanish translation of the full Bible initially published in 1569. The 1960 revised edition is the most common version and largely adopted by millions of Christians all over the world, speaking Spanish language.
GRLB.exe 2.27 MB
German GRLB - German Revised Luther Bible. The most important and influential of translations of the Bible into German is the Luther Bible completed in 1534. The influence that Martin Luther's translation had on the development of the German language is often compared to the influence the King James Version had on English. The Luther Bible is currently used in a revised version from 1984, which was adapted to the new German orthography in 1999.
LND.exe 2.17 MB
Italian LND - La Nuova Diodati (1991) The 1607 Italian translation by Giovanni Diodati is the standard reference used in Italian Protestantism; a revised edition of this translation in modern Italian, Nuova Diodati, was published in 1991.
NR2006.exe 2.19 MB
Italian NR2006 - Nuova Riveduta (2006) This is a modern translation of the Bible into Italian performed by the Geneva Bible Society (La Casa della Bibbia) and published for the first time in 1994. Current edition has been revised in 2006.
VDCC.exe 3 MB
Romanian VDCC - Corrected Dumitru Cornilescu Version. This Scripture reproduce the well-known Bible translation of Dumitru Cornilescu published in 1924, but with corrected orthography and morphology performed by software author.
NTR Bible 2.8 MB
Romanian NTR - New Romanian Translation. This new bible version has been initiated by Biblica and has been born out of the desire to make available the Word of God translated with accuracy from Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek for all churches in Romania and all Romanian society. The bible module can be downloaded free of charge after a simple registration on Biblia NTR webpage.
BVA.exe 2.6 MB
Romanian BVA - Updated Bible Version. This is a new Scripture version, updated to current lexicography, phraseology, orthography and topics of Romanian literary language, performed by Viorel Silion in 2015.
GBV2001.exe 3.4 MB
Romanian GBV 2001 - Holy Bible published by GBV in 2001. This is a new literal translation - completed, revised and updated; with subtitles, cross-references and footnotes published by Gute Botschaft Verlag in 2001.
VBA.exe 4.2 MB
Romanian VBA - Bartolomeu Anania Version. The Holy Scriptures, jubilee edition of Romanian Orthodox Church Holy Synod, based on Septuagint, written by Bartolomeu Valeriu Anania, and published in 2001.
VBRC.exe 4.8 MB
Romanian VBRC - Roman Catholic Bible Version. This is the first edition of Roman Catholic Bible version in Romanian language translated by pr. Alois Bulai and pr. Eduard Patrascu based on scriptures written in original languages. It was published in June 2013 by Editura Sapientia of Roman Catholic Theological Institute of Iasi (Bible Research Department).
VBOR.exe 3.2 MB
Romanian VBOR - Romanian Orthodox Church Version. This Scripture represents the printed version published in 1982 and officially approved by Holy Synod of Romanian Orthodox Church with the blessing of His Beatitude Teoctist, the Patriarch between 1986 and 2007.
BRC.exe 2.8 MB
Romanian BRC - King Carol II Bible. The Holy Scriptures of Old and New Testament translated from original Hebrew and Greek texts by professors Vasile Radu and Gala Galaction, initiated and supported by His Majesty King Carol II of Romania. This is the second edition published in 1939 at Bucharest.
VDC.exe 3 MB
Romanian VDC - Dumitru Cornilescu Version (not-corrected). This Scripture represents the "original" Bible translation of Dumitru Cornilescu published in 1924.
BTF.exe 2.23 MB
Romanian BTF - Fidela Bible Translation. This is a new literal translation, completed, revised and updated in 2015.
BB1795.exe 2.9 MB
Romanian BB1795 - Bible of Blaj 1795. This is the second translation of Holy Scriptures in Romanian language, performed by Samuil Micu in 1795.
SBB1921.exe 2.7 MB
Romanian SBB Bible 1921. Published by British and Foreign Bible Society in 1921, the Old Testament is in fact a revised version of Bible of Iasi from 1874 and the New Covenant represents a revised version of Nicolae Nitzulescu translation released in 1897.
RST.exe 2.09 MB
Russian RST - Russian Synodal Translation (1876). This is a Russian non-Church Slavonic translation of the Bible published in 1876, commonly used by the Russian Orthodox Church, Russian Baptists and other Protestant, as well as Roman Catholic communities in Russia.
SDK.exe 1.96 MB
Serbian SDK - Serbian Daničić-Karadjić (1865/1847). This is the most popular translation of the New Testament by Vuk Karadjić that was published in 1847 at Vienna, and completed by the Old Testament translation by Đuro Daničić in 1865 at Belgrade. The current text is using Cyrillic alphabet and ekavian dialect updated to modern Serbian language and having corrected some spelling mistakes found in the original printed edition.
HKB.exe 2.25 MB
Hungarian HKB - Hungarian Károli Bible (1590). The Vizsoly Bible, also called Károli Bible was the first Bible printed in the Hungarian language. It was translated in the 16th century by pastor Gáspár Károli and fellow Calvinists, being printed in 1590 by Bálint Mantskovit.
MUB.exe 2.18 MB
Hungarian MUB - Magyar Újfordítású Biblia (1990). This is a new protestant translation of full Bible in modern Hungarian language, initially published in 1975 and later revised by Hungarian Bible Society in 1990.
FILOS.exe 2.34 MB
Greek FILOS - New Vamvas Translation by Spyros Filos (2003). This is the revised version of Neophytus Vamvas Translation in modern Greek performed by Spyros Filos and published by PERGAMOS in 2003 (4th edition).
ROH.exe 2.18 MB
Slovakian ROH - Slovakian Roháček Bible - Slovakian Bible translated by prof. Jozef Roháček in 1936. This is the 2nd revised edition published in 1969.
CUVS.exe 1.60 MB
Chinese Chinese Union Version (Simplified)
CUVT.exe 1.60 MB
Chinese Chinese Union Version (Traditional)
NRKV.exe 1.79 MB
Korean New Revised Korean Version (1998)
TKV.exe 2.35 MB
Korean Today's Korean Version (1991)
UBIO1962.exe 2.2 MB
Ukrainian Ukrainian Bible – Ivan Ohienko (1962)
TBO1880.exe 2.25 MB
Telugu Telugu Bible OV (1880). The first and main translation into the Telugu language was Lyman Jewett's version of the 1880s. This is known today as the "Telugu Bible OV", published by the Bible Society of India Andhra Pradesh Auxiliary in Hyderabad.

  File Details Preview Description
ThemesCollection1.exe 4.31 MB
30 predefined themes with background pictures
ThemesCollection2.exe 3.79 MB
30 predefined themes with background pictures
ThemesCollection3.exe 4.10 MB
30 predefined themes with background pictures
ThemesCollection4.exe 5.91 MB
30 predefined themes with background pictures
ThemesCollection5.exe 6.57 MB
30 predefined themes with background pictures
ThemesCollection6.exe 3.45 MB
25 predefined themes with background pictures, wherefrom 19 are lower third and 6 are full screen

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